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Art in the Garden


Art in The Garden

We are all about “...bringing together people, nature and art”

This page is about the evolution of Art in our Garden. Patrice Dunn  donated the first sculpture to Alta Vista Gardens the others followed. Below is a list of represented artists in the order that they joined our Garden

  • Melissa Ralston: ‘Tail Spin’ donated to A.V.G. by Board member Ivy Bodin(2009) Also ‘Blessing Tree’ is for sale on consignment (2010)
  • Charles Bronson: ‘Sea Breeze’ (2009) & ‘Born to Run’ (2010) donated to AVG by the Artist
  • Steve Bundy: ‘Calla Lily’ donated to A.V.G. by the Artist (2009)
  • Anthony Amato: ‘Broken Link’ donated to A.V.G. by Michael Vuytowecz (2009)
  • Lia Strell: ‘A Creative Bloom’ is for sale on consignment with the Garden (2009); ‘Golden Torsion’ was acquired by the Garden in 2011
  • Buddy Smith: Mosaic table top donated to the Garden (2009)
  • Mindy Rodman & Paul White: ‘Miro Kite donated to A.V.G. by the artists’ (2010)
  • Benjamin Lavender: ‘Kite of Paradise’ is for sale on consignment with the Garden (2010)
  • Fritzie Urquhart: ‘The Constellation Tree’ is for sale on consignment with the Garden (2010)
  • Bryan Morse: ‘Chanson Joyeuse’ patio (Joyous Song) (2010); ‘I Raggi  Crescenti di Amore’ patio (expanding rays of love) (2010) and we are seeking funding to build the ‘Butterfly Reflexology’ patio (2012?).
  • Robert Rochin: ‘Piano Pebble Chime’ (2010) was donated to the Garden by Bill and Naomi Stein. ‘Baobab Tree’ (2014)
  • John Dole: ‘Arborescence’ is for sale on consignment with the Garden (2011)
  • Morris Squire: ‘Lamed’ is for sale on consignment with the Garden (2011)
  • Phillip Galshoff: Five whimsical sculptures by this artist grace the ‘Sharon Kern Culinary Herb Garden’ (2012). ‘Chef D’, ‘Shari Chef’, ‘Penelope Hoop’, ‘Silly Boy Trey’, ‘Flying Chef’
  • Dan Peragine: ‘Transpersonal’ is located just below the Cycad Garden. This sculpture is available for sale on consignment. (2013)
  • Anne Little: ‘Human Sundial’ (2014)

Alta Vista Garden will accept Art on Consignment


wl 010 broken link at sunset

‘Broken Link’ at Sunset photo by Nancy Jones


 Garden Open Daily 7:00-5:00 Monday-Friday; 10:00- 5:00 on weekends

Admission is $2.00 for non-members; admission is Free with Membership

Directions to the Gardens (760) 945-3954

Alta Vista Gardens is a 501(c)3 Not For Profit Corporation

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