About Botany

What does botany as a science study?

Botany is the complex science of plants, considering their origin, development, external and internal structure, classification, distribution on the earth's...

Morphology as a science

It is worth noting such a discipline as plant morphology. This science studies the structure of plants.

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Welcome to my personal blog about chatterboxing. My name is Darlene Kirby, and I have been studying this science for eight years.

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The role of botany

‘’History of the development of botany’’

Botany is the science that studies plants: their characteristics, their origin, their evolution, … everything, even the relationships they have with other living things and the positive and negative effects they have on the environment.

‘’Propagation of plants’’

The easiest way to seed propagate for the garden is to spread the seeds evenly and thinly on the surface of the compost mixture and cover them with a thin (1 cm) layer of coarse...